Customer case:

30% better dry weight profiles through headbox reconditioning

Aug 12, 2015

Pleased with Valmet’s results on previous reconditioning services, the ITC Bhadrachalam mill in India chose to continue cooperation when their headbox in BM1 needed testing and reconditioning.

cooperation with Valmet and the ITC Bhadrachalam mill in India -headbox reconditioning
After Valmet’s servicing, our slice jamming problem has been significantly reduced.”
S.V.R. Krishnan, General Manager at ITC Bhadrachalam


Location Secunderabad, India
Customer challenge Customer had problems with quality rejections, frequent slice jamming, and profile variations. They also wanted to reduce web breaks and improve machine runnability.
Solution The headbox of BM 1 was thoroughly tested and reconditioned in cooperation with Valmet’s service experts from both Thailand and India.
Results Dry weight profiles have improved by 30%, and the basis weight 2-sigma has improved by 25%. This has also enhanced runnability and improved productivity. Web breaks have fallen by 10%.
Keywords Board and paper, Asia-Pacific, Improvements, Maintenance

Technical data

Grade Packaging and graphic boards
Production capacity 375,00 tonnes/year
Width 3,75 m
Speed 350 m/min


less web breaks