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Customer case:

Automatic control stabilizes retention and charge at Julius Schulte Trebsen

Julius Schulte is a family owned paper producer since 1983, one of the leading German producers of corrugating medium roll paper and specialty papers with a production capacity 200 000 tonnes annually. When they were not able to get sufficient information of the white water consistencies or charge status, they decided to invest in Valmet Wet End Analyzer.

Location Trebsen, Germany

Not able to get sufficient information of the white water consistencies or charge status.

The analysis were time consuming and only represented momentary situations, which did not provide truthful information of how the different process parameters behaved.


Valmet Wet End Analyzer (Valmet WEM)

Simultaneous measurements of charge and consistency from three measurement points: top and bottom wire white waters (Cs about 1%) and clear filtrate to the thickener (Cs about 0.1%).


Continuous process control.

More stable operating conditions.

More information is obtained during chemical trials.

Chemical overdosage situations are avoided.

Savings in retention chemical consumption when the analyzer is hooked to the automatic white water Cs control.

Keywords  Board and paper, Automation, Europe

Wet End Analyzer

Valmet WEM combines in a unique way all the relevant wet end variables for the total solution of wet end management. It measures simultaneously from up to six sample points.