Customer case:

24% energy savings with new OptiFiner Pro refiner

Aug 20, 2015

Mondi Neusiedler Mill in Austria had a clear target in energy consumption reduction. They saw the potential for energy savings and promptly commenced on a project to replace existing short fiber refiners with just one OptiFiner Pro refiner.

"It was quite easy to quantify these savings in euros and justify the purchase, and our record of previous achievements with Valmet made me very confident of the outcome.”
Erwin Sversepa, Production Manager


Location Mondi Neusiedler Theresienthal mill, Austria
Customer challenge Energy consumption reduction and how to develop the fibers, optimize paper properties and improve the overall efficiency of the production line.
Solution Replace old existing three short fiber refiners with just one OptiFiner Pro refiner.
Results 24% energy savings with the same refining result. Excellent paper machine runnability with increased machine speed. Maintenance costs have been reduced by two thirds.
Keywords Board and paper, Europe, Rebuilds