Valmet has a solid foundation with significant customer results

Today, customers are extensively utilizing Valmet’s Industrial Internet capabilities. This can be illustrated by looking at some customer numbers: 

  • We have around 800 distributed control systems in use in customers’ processes delivered by Valmet. These form the platform for connecting machines and processes into Industrial Internet.
  • We have 420 customer references in process condition monitoring with altogether over 81,000 data inputs and outputs.
  • 350 Valmet supplied advanced process control installations for process optimization have been implemented in our customer processes.
  • We have 540 online connections with our customers, enabling access to digital information and Valmet’s remote services to our customers.
  • About 90 customers have chosen Valmet’s remote service to improve their performance.

On top of these, we are constantly working together with our customers to create even more advanced solutions to take the whole industry forward.

Tangible benefits

Services and solutions, which have been made possible by the Industrial Internet, have brought significant results to our customers. To illustrate with a few examples:

  • In Metsä Board’s pulp mill in Finland, the energy consumption was decreased by 8%
  • In Burgo Ardennes mill in Belgium 8.7 % chemical savings were achieved
  • In Celulose Nipo-Brasileira in Brazil the customer was able to reach 1,5 million USD savings in raw material consumption
  • In Germany, Zellstoff und Papierfabrik Rosenthal could increase their production with 2.8%