Improved performance with Industrial Internet services and applications

Valmet’s Industrial Internet services are based upon a meaningful dialogue withdata. With our know-how in process technology, automation and services, you can turn your data into a valuable asset. Our experts know which data to analyze and how to utilize it for your benefit.

The visibility and profitability of a plant's or mill's operations can be significantly improved with Industrial Internet enabled services. There are measurable benefits like increased productivity and lower energy and raw material costs. Together we can make tangible improvements to the performance of your mill or plant.

Valmet’s Industrial Internet is based on four building blocks

Our Industrial Internet capabilities rely on four building blocks: Process technology, automation and IT platform, applications and services and an ecosystem of partners.

Our intelligent process technology is equipped with sensors and measurement devices that gather important data from machines and processes. Valmet’s automation system provides a solid data source. Combining this with data from your other mill and plant systems creates an enormous amount of data. Based on our know-how in process technology, automation and services, our experts can identify which data is relevant to analyze and how it can be utilized. This know-how is built into our Industrial Internet applications and services.

As a channel all Valmet Industrial Internet applications and services, we have established five Valmet Performance centers. Performance Centers have been established for pulp, energy, paper, board and tissue industry customers as well as for automation. Valmet experts work in them through a remote connection -  both physically and virtually where ever they are located.

To provide comprehensive Industrial Internet offering to our customers, we are building an Industrial Internet partner ecosystem that brings leading industry players together. The ecosystem offers superior performance for our customers, compared to each actor operating independently.

Evolution of Industrial Internet

The movement towards advanced Industrial Internet has been an evolution. Industries have step by step moved first from monitoring and controlling separate production process components to plant-wide data collection and control, and later towards cross system optimization. This has enabled sharing, analyzing and utilizing data between whole systems in a plant or a mill.

Today, enabled by advanced communication technology and big data analysis, Industrial Internet is moving to the next level – outside the production facilities. We believe that in the future we will see networks of different systems impacting each other, connecting different value chains, and thus changing the whole society we live in, in ways that we can hardly envision today.

Positive impacts for the whole business

Industrial internet – advanced and networked real-time data analytics and utilization - impacts all stages of the production process and benefits the whole business. Industrial internet also enhances asset management and increases customer value by making both process and operations more effective.

Together with our customers we move their performance forward by utilizing data to adjust their operations to save production cost or improve overall machine efficiency through preventive maintenance. We have already implemented hundreds of solutions utilizing our Industrial Internet capabilities.