Valmet has over 220 years of industrial history

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The history of Valmet goes all the way back to the 1750s. It was then that a small shipyard was established in the Viapori fortress on the islands outside Helsinki. In the early 20th century it ended up under the ownership of the Finnish state and became part of Valmet. Tamfelt was established in 1797 and became one of the leading suppliers of technical textiles. These operations are now part of Valmet’s Services business line.

The Story of Valmet 


The Story of Valmet documentary tells about Valmet’s 220 years of industrial history linked with events that occurred in the history of the world. It also describes the insights and solutions that modern-day Valmet has been built on. The documentary is a story about how to rise to the position of market leader and how significant the hard work of past generations is to the success of the present-day company.

The 45-minute documentary has been made in collaboration with Valmet and Parad Media.

From cloth making to high-tech processes, Valmet celebrated its 220 years of industrial history in 2017

The history of Valmet can be woven from many different strings, looking into the history of different companies which today form Valmet Corporation. In Finland there are Tamfelt, Tampella and Valmet itself, in Sweden Götaverken, Karlstads Mekaniska Werkstad and Sunds bruk, and in North America Beloit and Dominion, just to mention a few.

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