Low energy ultra-premium tissue production

Advantage eTAD Technology

The Valmet Advantage eTAD technology produce tissue with highest bulk, softness and water absorption.

The Valmet Advantage™ eTAD™ technology meets the increasing market demands of products with highest bulk, softness and water absorption. It provides a sustainable process linked to ultra-quality tissue by adding the benefit of low energy consumption.


Unlimited possibilities for product variations

Fast change from fine to structured tissue


Very close to TAD paper quality


Significant fiber savings at half of the energy

Best cost-benefit and efficiency


Ultra-Premium tissue quality combined with less environmental impact

In recent years there has been an increasing market demand for products with high absorption, bulk and softness combined with a sustainable process and low energy consumption. Therefore, Valmet decided to offer a unique technology, the Advantage eTAD, to customers who are looking to produce ultra-premium quality products but without compromising on their sustainability promises.   

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Comparing drying processes in tissue making

Compare the drying process

A sustainable process

The Valmet Advantage eTAD technology meets the increasing market demands of products with highest bulk, softness and water absorption. It provides a sustainable process linked to ultra-quality tissue by adding the benefit of low energy consumption. 

The technology originally developed by Georgia Pacific it is available to Valmet customers outside Canada, US and Mexico under a license agreement between Valmet and Georgia-Pacific. Valmet market, manufacture and install Advantage eTAD machines for tissue customers outside North America. 

We have a close collaboration with Georgia Pacific and can together, among other things, offer pilot trials with converting capabilities and customer reference visits. 



Explore the eTAD technology on site

Explore the eTAD technology on site

At the Georgia Pacific facilities you have access to a full sized eTAD machine with converting capabilities for testing and product development. We can also arrange reference visits to mills with operating eTAD machines. Get in touch to learn more

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Achieving high bulk and absorbency  

The receipt to reach the highest bulk and absorbency is normally to avoid pressing and blow hot air through the web. With the Advantage eTAD technology it is possible to achieve high-premium quality utilizing pressing in combination with Rush Transfer. This means significantly lower energy consumption compared to other structured tissue processes. 

The texture or structure is already done in the tissue machine at high speeds. The result will be a paper dryness up to 50% in the drying section to provide a much lower energy consumption than actual Through-Air Drying machines.

The hybrid concept can generate much higher caliper than the conventional Dry Crepe machines by using the Rush Transfer technique.  

A dialogue with data to improve the performance

Valmet Industrial Internet offering covers an extensive range of solutions and applications for tissue mills in order to optimize the full scope of the production. The data driven applications and services support you throughout all the phases of the tissue machine’s lifecycle.

As a start we normally explore the potential of utilizing data through a data discovery process. Then we can evaluate what applications within production capacity, quality, energy efficiency and reliability, are beneficial for your operation. Further, our expertise is easily available for you through the Valmet Performance Centers (VPC). Our specialists have a deep understanding of machinery, processes and automation and with connections and tools, we can offer the needed remote support and guidance without delay from our 8 centers around the worlds.

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Market demand sparked innovation

Georgia-Pacific is one of the biggest tissue producers in North America. However, in early 2000s their Quilted Northern brand came under tremendous pressure. Read about how they invented a sustainable technology for high-premium tissue quality and refreshed their brand’s position.