Casmatic CMB202

Packaging • Bundler • ID U0105

Casmatic CMB202 bundler has the capability to take individual rolls and/or packages of bathroom tissue and household towel and overwrap them into a finished bundle in a variety of combinations, thus meeting all market demands, at speeds up to 20 bundles per minute. Multiple infeed units equipped with systems to divert, group, upend and orient the rolls/packs into the requested bundle configuration are available for the Casmatic CMB202.

The top seal is made by hot air while a cut seal system with four flat sealing wires and a steel blade to cut the poly guarantee a high quality of the bundle and package isolation. Servo driven sections of the machine with the step-by-step procedure integrated into the operator panel make the Casmatic CMB202 easy to set up and change from one bundle format to the next.

General information

Production year 2014
Location Wisconsin, USA
Operation status Not in production
Availability Immediate

Technical details

Speed/production rate Max production speed 20 bundles/min (according to bundle configuration)
Packaging product formats
  • Minimum bundle size: Width 330 mm (230 mm opt.) - Height 180 mm - Length 180 mm
  • Maximum bundle size: Width 850 mm - Height 400 mm (460 mm opt.) - Length 800 mm (900 mm opt.)
  • Minimum poly reel width: 2,350 mm (2,450 mm opt.) Maximum reel diameter: 350 mm
Electrical platform Rockwell platform, with UL norms

Additional information

Optional/Upgrades available for installation
  • TIP Longitudinal Sealer Spares Kit
  • TIP Printed Film Centering Unit For Bundlers
  • TIP Bar Code Reel Holder For Upper Side Insertion
  • TIP Top And Bottom Sealing Bars Spare Kit
  • TIP Bag Quality Booster
  • TIP CMB202 Upgrade For Bundles With Height From 400 Mm To 460/500 mm
  • TIP Elevator belt unit fully assembled
Other information Please note that for this equipment light refurbishment may be necessary

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