OptiFlo II TIS Headbox

Designed for quality and productivity

One of the most critical components on a tissue machine is the headbox. A properly functioning headbox enhances tissue makers’ ability to produce various tissue grades at their desired level of quality. 

Optimal formation and basis weight profiling
Valmet guarantees optimal formation and CD basis weight profiles in 
all of the OptiFlo II TIS headboxes  to provide tissue makers with; 

  • Operational and quality improvements  
  • The option of low or high consistencies into the headbox, low for production of top-of-the line grades, or high consistencies to reduce energy consumption, a choice that minimizes pumping energy  
  • Superior base paper properties  
  • Uniform fiber distribution – a necessity for gaining tensile efficiency  
  • Greater opportunity to satisfy consumers’ esthetic requirements for tissues such as touch, softness and appearance 
  • Capability of producing within a wide range of basis weights  
  • Excellent layering capability giving tissue makers the opportunity to put bulk and softness where they want it  
  • The option of profiling with automatic dilution system  
  • The option of one, two or three layer applications  
  • Best possible formation  
  • Lower electric energy consumption  
  • Improved basis weight profiles  
  • Excellent layering, profiling and jet setting capabilities


Valmet OptiFlo II TIS solutions

OptiFlo II TIS 1300
Design speed: 1300 m/min
Concepts: Advantage DCT
Layers: 1
OptiFlo II TIS 1800
Design speed: 1800 m/min
Concepts: Advantage DCT, NTT, QRT, eTAD and ThruAir (TAD) & replacement
Layers: 1-3
OptiFlo II TIS 2200
Design speed: 2200 m/min
Concepts: Advantage DCT, NTT, QRT, eTAD and ThruAir (TAD) & replacement
& replacement
Layers: 1-3


New or rebuild - it’s all about efficient performance 

The OptiFlo II TIS headbox is standard on all Valmet Advantage DCT, NTT, QRT, eTAD and Thru-Air (TAD) tissue machines. A number of different models are available, each corresponding to customers’ requirements for machine widths and speeds. Each model of the OptiFlo II TIS headbox provides tissue makers with the same outstanding end-product properties. The compact and flexible design of the OptiFlo II TIS headbox makes cost-effective upgrading and rebuilding of existing tissue machines a real possibility. The OptiFlo II TIS headbox ensures the stable tissue making performance necessary for efficient tissue production.