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Proven drying cylinders for medium and small tissue machines

IntelliYD Yankee Dryer

Valmet IntelliYD steel cylinder for uniform and efficient drying

Save energy and money

The IntelliYD ensure reliable operations and good resistance to harsh conditions. The uniform drying properties enables optimum drying conditions to support energy efficiency and an even final product.

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Effective and efficient

Drying is an energy-consuming process and needs to be effective. The efficiency of Valmet Yankee cylinders is confirmed by the energy saving possibilities. Steam to paper heat transfer coefficient is up to 25% better than in old solutions and Yankee head insulations ensure reduced steam consumption. The IntelliYD cylinders increase production capabilities and more sustainable mill operations.

Technical data

Reel trim Up to 3.6 m
Design speed Up to 1800 m/min
Basis weight 12 - 42 g/m2
Diameter 12 – 18 ft

Need support in selecting the right Yankee?

Want support in deciding which yankee is suitable for your production needs? Don't hesitat to get in touch with us and we can guide you further.
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