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IntelliJet V Headbox

Valmet headboxes are designed and built to work as a reliable and durable tool that ensures the best possible performance and production flexibility.

Proven performance in every situation

Valmet Headboxes are efficient and reliable and provide the best performance in every situation, including the most critical and demanding. The IntelliTissue machines are equipped with IntlliJet V Headboxes which is base for product quality and low media consumption levels. The IntelliJet V headbox provides optimum basis weight profile, sheet formation, and fiber orientation. Each Headbox is designed with precision, applying modern technologies to attain, uniform paper qualities on tissue machines throughout the world.

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Technical data

Reel trim Up to 3.6 m
Design speed Up to 1800 m/min
Basis weight 10 - 42 g/m2
Type Hydraulic
No. of channels 2-9
No. of layers Single or multilayer
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Valmet's offering for small and medium tissue machines

IntelliJet V Headbox - impressive basis weight profile, superior sheet formation, and great fiber orientation

A full-scale Technology Center for pilot testing

At Valmet Technology Center we can offer the opportunity to experiment and develop tissue products and processes without having to put your own production on hold. Follow the activities in the trials on site or remotely through live streaming cameras. Pilot trials are very cost-efficient compared to expensive tests in tissue maker's own production. Naturally we work under strict confidentiality.
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