Tower equipment

A standardized concept for tower equipment has been developed to improve process performance, reduce power consumption, increase mechanical reliability and minimize the need for spare parts.

A flexible gear box standard has also been designed, to permit the use of the most common gear-box equipment.

The new concept for tower equipment includes:

  • Dynamic Pulp FlowDistributor, TMC, for tower and reactor inlet distribution
  • Outlet FlowScraper, SA-U (U=Up). The outlet is positioned on the sphere, with a block valve, to minimize the risk of plugging
  • Bottom FlowScraper, SA-D (D=Down), discharging into a stand pipe
  • For up-flow tower discharge, at medium consistency TSB-T and at low consistency the TSB-V discharge scrapers are used

Agitator ASM

Designed to meet process requirements in demanding pulp and paper applications such as blow tanks and high-density towers.

Agitator FJA

A high speed propeller combined with a new nozzle design for improved agitation throughout the bottom zone.