Rebuilds and conversions

Valmet’s rebuild and conversion solutions, although highly innovative, are thoroughly tried and tested. They provide complete coverage in terms of fuel change, higher boiler capacity, better availability, higher safety and enhanced environmental performance.

A great number of boiler plants worldwide have been upgraded by Valmet with excellent results. We provide you with expert support and manage complete projects in the shortest possible period of time.

Always tailored to your needs

As each plant’s needs are different, Valmet offers a wide array of rebuilds and upgrades, tailored to serve numerous purposes or a combination of purposes, such as:

  • Capacity increases
  • Fuel changes from fossil to renewable fuels
  • Emission reductions
  • Pressure vessel section replacements, for instance, economizers, superheaters, furnace walls and floors

Boiler conversions

Converting old boilers into bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) technology is an environmentally sustainable solution and can be carried out at a highly competitive cost. A BFB conversion helps reduce emissions and also solves other environmental issues, such as sludge disposal.

Many types of old boilers – pulverized-fired, grate and recovery boilers – can be converted into fluidized bed combustion. After a conversion, a boiler can burn various biomass fuels and industrial by-products. Gas and oil can be used as supplementary fuels. A boiler modernized in this way can match the performance of a brand-new BFB boiler.

Fuel changes

Environmental pressure to change over from fossil fuels to renewable fuels is continuously growing. Valmet provides proven technologies to convert a gas or an oil-fired heating plant into one that runs on biomass pellets or biomass derived pyrolysis oil. The scope of delivery can include fuel storage and handling, automation and flue gas cleaning.

To make the fuel change concept more viable, the main part of an existing plant will be utilized without any major changes, resulting in lower investment costs.