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A new web-based user interface for Valmet DNA in marine business

Valmet DNA User Interface

The new Valmet DNA User Interface (DNA UI) extends the use of the automation system beyond the traditional engine room. It provides a more enhanced experience and view of process control and monitoring operations on board a vessel.

A strong continuation to our marine automation

For over 40 years, Valmet has been intensively present abord all types of ships. There, our automation solutions play an integral role. Valmet DNA User Interface is part of the continuous renewal of Valmet DNA for the vessels.

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Make the most out of your marine automation system

The new user interface is focused on people, their roles and tasks. The same information is easily available for all users which speeds up decision making quicker.

Automation user interface in vessels to a new level

Intuitive user experience is essential for ship engineers and other personnel. Relevant information is available in visual, well-structured process and sub-process views.

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Engine rooms do not any more set boundaries for work

Using the latest web technologies, Valmet DNA User Interface enables good teamwork when operating in a vessel. We offer you a functional extension to the engine room you are able to access the Valmet DNA from a tablet, a phone, or from your cabin.

More relevant information available increases awareness of the process

There are plenty of new possibilities to enhance the operation.

  • Navigation is easy through the page hierarchy.
  • Faceplates enable access to all process component-related information.

Role-based access control ensure that all users are served.

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Digital world needs cyber security

Technical security controls and cybersecurity functions built into the system applications ensure that the automation network and host computers are protected from threat.

The system can be accessed with a controlled web browser over secure HTTPS communication protected by web certificates. Valmet offers regular security updates and other cybersecurity lifecycle services to make sure the system stays secure over the long term.

Customer experience drives our design and development

Good automation development is created together with the customers. Collaboration supports all levels of communication inside of the vessel.

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It is essential for us to understand how our customers in the vessels consume information, so we can help different user groups to process information faster. In the new DNA User Interface, we have structured and visualized data in new ways to make the workflow more intuitive – which in turn helps to make faster conclusions based on the data.

John Weierud, Director, Marine Automation, Valmet

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