Marine performance monitoring and reporting offer real-time information

Valmet Marine Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Valmet’s performance monitoring and reporting – connected to the integrated automation system (IAS) – provide you with the latest information. All parameters gathered can be analyzed to achieve better performance.

Improved data timeliness and quality

Streamlined reporting with uniform reports

Enhanced performance

Versatile reports add value

Reporting and monitoring can be used in many ways. The information provided affects the way we work and run the vessel daily. The staff both in the engine room and office learn to better understand the vessel's energy usage. This then leads to new ways to save energy.

Getting enough data for analyzing purposes requires trustworthy tools. Valmet's reporting is based on a proven and reliable information management system.

Basic reports

  • Tank levels
  • Flow meters
  • Running hours
  • Engine specific fuel oil consumption

Customized reports

  • Ballast 
  • Bunker
  • Overboard valves
  • Damper position test

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Would you like to get more information about our solutions?

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