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Continuous development to benefit our customers

Customer needs as well as global megatrends have always led Valmet’s research and development work. Valmet’s aim is to create new technologies, products and services that help respond to some of the most important global megatrends. Our vision is to become the global champion in serving our customers.

New nature of automation

Valmet’s first digital automation system was introduced more than 40 years ago. Over the years, the system has been further developed. The latest developments have been so revolutionary that today we talk about the new nature of automation.

Valmet DNA is an integrated automation system (IAS). In 2018, Valmet was the first on the market to introduce web-based DNA Dashboards that visualized key performance indicators, providing users with an opportunity to access information with mobile devices outside the traditional engine control room.

Our latest IAS innovation is the new web-based Valmet DNA User Interface (DNA UI). This new user interface offers users personalized information whenever, wherever and however they want it while extending the use of the automation system to more users and roles.

Black carbon emissions cut by over 99%

Valmet has tested a first-of-a-kind scrubber and wet electrostatic precipitator combination that cut black carbon emissions from a marine diesel engine by over 99%. This solution allows shipping companies to lower their particle matter and black carbon emission levels, tackle global warming and comply with tightening regulations.

“At VTT, we had already studied emissions from ships that have a marine scrubber installed. So, we had experience of the challenging measurement conditions related to scrubbers and also comparable data on the emission reduction potential of the new setup,” says VTT’s Senior Scientist Kati Lehtoranta.

Virtual reality better serves marine customers

Valmet has been developing and testing intelligent maintenance applications and augmented reality (AR) equipment to visualize and facilitate repairs at mills since 2016. Virtual reality (VR) is an artificial 3D environment in which users can interact in an immersive manner. This virtual experiment has now been created for marine needs, too.

“The technical software and equipment needed for virtual reality experiences are becoming more accessible in terms of price. We can use tools in industrial environments that are already familiar from consumer markets. Younger generations who have grown up with computer gaming seem to be especially enthusiastic about experimenting with and applying VR and AR in their work,” states Mika Karaila, Research Director in Automation R&D at Valmet.

The new tool can be used in marine for maintenance, training and educational purposes.

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