The key to successful fiberboard production is the use of homogenous fiber material, with a minimum of shives and low fines content.

Valmet's solutions for fiber preparation provide high-quality, homogenous fiber material, optimized for your process and end product. Our refiners have long been the standard of quality and reliability in the industry.


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  • Defibrator System EVO generation 2

    Valmet has recently launched a new generation of the well-proven Defibrator System EVO. The aim of developing the second-generation has been to further strengthen Valmet’s lead in providing a Defibrator System EVO with the highest fiber quality and the lowest operating costs.

  • Valmet to deliver Defibrator system to Dongwha in Vietnam

    Valmet will supply a Defibrator system to Dongwha Viet Nam in Vietnam. The start-up of the new line is planned for the first quarter 2021.

  • XinXin

    XinXin Wood in China has installed two of Valmet’s new products in their newest MDF line which was started up in 2014: a new blow valve and our new steam separator, both of which are placed in the blow line directly after the Defibrator.

  • Defibrator implementation in record time

    Luso Finsa, an MDF, chipboard and SuperPan producer in Portugal, started up its new Defibrator system for producing wood fiber in record time. A dedicated team and regular online meetings were some of the factors that led to this success.

  • PeriVapor brings greater profitability to Hansol HomeDeco

    In March 2017, Hansol HomeDeco in South Korea installed the Valmet Mechanical steam separator (PeriVapor) directly after the refiner on the mill’s line for Core fiber production.




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