Tissue videos

Here you can learn more about our Tissue business unit.

Valmet's way to serve
Valmet aims to provide the best customer experience in all touch points of the customer journey. The new services concept is based on three main elements: comprehensive services offering, lifecycle collaboration and core commitments.
Valmet forming fabrics
Want results? Here are just a few key benefits that will improve both machine efficiency and paper quality from utilizing Valmet’s forming fabrics.
Sizer consumables
Our consumables have an excellent wear resistance – meaning less downtime and fewer consumables used, thus more production and lower costs.
Spreader roll services
Valmet spreader roll service increases roll lifetime, reduces overall mill maintenance costs and ensures wrinkle-free paper webs and fabrics while producing high quality paper.
How tissue is made
Do you know that tissue furnish consist of 99% water when it leaves the headbox? And that it is winded up as dry paper 1,5 seconds later? That correlates with a speed of 120 km/hour!