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Improve safety and refining performance with Valmet Refiner Segments – Pro safe
Reduce refining intensity and extend the life of disk refiner segments, while also providing a safer way to operate. Valmet Refiner Segments – Pro safe are 75% lighter than traditional cast disk refiner segments and can move refining performance forward. Let Valmet be your co-driver for success!
Tissue Talks LIVE: Absorption from high yield pulp
What is high yield pulp and how can it be used in tissue making? Jens Hallendorf from Rottneros, our Tissue Talks partner, will tell us more about it!
Tissue Talks LIVE: The many usages of Microfibrillated Cellulose - MFC
The goal of this Tissue Talks speaker is to “bring the next great opportunity to the paper industry”. And by working with a team of Valmet experts and researchers in collaboration with University of Maine, his vision has a good chance to become reality. David Cowles, Global Market Development Manager, Nanotechnologies at Valmet, is the right person to guide us through what micro fibrillated cellulose is and the many different ways it can be used.
Tissue Talks LIVE: Pulp made from bagasse for tissue making
Mr. Pawan Agrawal from Naini Group is sharing his experience with pulp based on bagasse, the residue that remains after sugarcane stalks are crushed and their juice extracted.
Tissue Talks LIVE: Wheat Straw
Columbia Pulp saw an environmental problem in the neighborhood and managed to turn it into a sustainable product. Let’s hear their story!
Reach your targets through long-term successful collaboration
Together we customize the agreement to your needs such as access to experts, high quality products & services, financial stability, or performance.
Valmet's way to serve
In this video, watch Valmet's services concept based on services offering, lifecycle collaboration with the customer to finding the right services combinations.
Valmet forming fabrics
Want results? Here are just a few key benefits that will improve both machine efficiency and paper quality from utilizing Valmet’s forming fabrics.
Spreader roll services
Spreader roll reconditioning will transform your spreader rolls to “as good as new” condition.
How tissue is made
From stock preparation to converting, Step by step, we take you through the journey of how tissue is made inside a tissue mill.