Sustainability videos

Here you can learn more about sustainability at Valmet.

Forward to a new era of textiles
Valmet is taking a strong role in the revolution of the textile industry. We see novel cellulose-based textiles and fiber-to-fiber textile recycling as the solution to a more sustainable and circular textile production. There are already existing technologies we can utilize – and new ones are underway. As our partner, you will have access to leading technology, automation and services to develop your sustainable textile fiber production.
Towards even more sustainable board and paper making
Sampo Immonen, Senior Manager Line R&D, discusses sustainability and carbor neutrality as key drivers when innovating new solutions. Focus of the discussion is how to reduce CO2 emissions in paper making.
Sustainability and circular economy in the board and paper industry
Riikka Joukio, SVP Climate & Circular Economy, Metsä Group discusses how circular economy can help to mitigate climate change and what kind of business opportunities are seen on the horizon.
Make a powerful choice for the future
The energy sector is changing rapidly. But some things are here to stay. There’s always a need for reliable technology partner, sustainability and profit. Choosing Valmet as your technology, automation and service provider is a secure and far-reaching choice. With our extensive know-how in intelligent energy production and emission control, your process will bring value in the most efficient and sustainable way. Let’s keep moving forward, now and in the future.
Valmet supports Save the Children in India: What does it look like in the field?
In Dungarpur, India, children struggle to receive an education because of poverty and vulnerability. Valmet supports Save the Children’s Social Protection project, which takes action to improve circumstances in the field.
Valmet supports Save the Children’s Child Sensitive Social Protection project in Dungarpur
In 2020, Valmet started to support Save the Children’s Child Sensitive Social Protection project in Dungarpur, India. Valmet makes annual donations with a target to increase children’s education and improve the care for vulnerable children.
Valmet's value creation
Paper, cardboard and tissue; energy and heating; biofuels… These products enable comfortable lives around the world. At Valmet, we help our customers produce them more sustainably with our environmentally efficient technologies.
Valmet’s sustainability engagement program for selected key suppliers in China
Valmet's sustainability engagement program for selected key suppliers in China has a systematic approach to ensure the suppliers can take the most critical steps to develop their sustainability in practice.
Valmet enables circular economy
Valmet enables circular economy. The planet’s sustainable future is threatened since the current population is consuming more resources than the planet can provide. This has created an increasing need to find new ways to better utilize products and resources throughout their lifecycles. This is enabled by the circular economy.
Safety comes first
Valmet is committed to improving the health, safety and environmental performance of its operations and of the industries it serves. Our goal is zero harm. We know it, we believe it and we show it.
Supplier Sustainability with Dynaxcel
Dynaxcel, a key supplier for Valmet in India, started working with Valmet in 2009. Since then, the companies have been working together to achieve mutual benefits from supplier cooperation. One aspect has been the integration of sustainability principles into Dynaxcel’s operations.
Valmet supports SOS Children's Villages of India
For over 50 years, the SOS Children's Villages of India has been providing family-based care for parentless or abandoned children in India. Valmet has been supporting the organization since 2007 by helping its work to benefit children in need of care and protection.
Sustainability for investors
Valmet's Head of Sustainability Laura Puustjärvi discusses sustainability at Valmet with IR Director Calle Loikkanen.
Lightweighting by Valmet
Valmet offers several technologies that enable the production of lighter board products without compromising quality or visual properties. This is achieved with lightweighting. Lightweighting allows board and packaging producers to optimize raw material usage, board quality and production capacity.
Building safety excellence at Orora B9 paper mill in Australia
The safety and health of our people and our partners are core to every aspect of our services and operations. We believe that every injury can be prevented. Watch the video to see what actions have been taken at Orora paper mill in Australia where Valmet is taking care of all the mill maintenance operations.