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Valmet's way to serve
Valmet aims to provide the best customer experience in all touch points of the customer journey. The new services concept is based on three main elements: comprehensive services offering, lifecycle collaboration and core commitments.
Shutdown service improves the reliability of Klabin’s Monte Alegre Paper Mill in Brazil
Valmet and Klabin’s Monte Alegre paper mill continued their successful nine-year annual maintenance shutdown cooperation in 2019.
Valmet forming fabrics
Want results? Here are just a few key benefits that will improve both machine efficiency and paper quality from utilizing Valmet’s forming fabrics.
Sizer consumables
Our consumables have an excellent wear resistance – meaning less downtime and fewer consumables used, thus more production and lower costs.
Spreader roll services
Valmet spreader roll service increases roll lifetime, reduces overall mill maintenance costs and ensures wrinkle-free paper webs and fabrics while producing high quality paper.
Rolls & workshop services
The wide selection of services extends from roll reconditioning and new roll technology to upgrading and reconditioning of pulp & fiber line equipment, as well as efficiency projects and preventive maintenance.
Valmet Field Services Future Tools
In field services Valmet combines revolutionary new tools with decades of experience in process know-how and in maintenance work. Industrial internet based field service tools improve reliability, production uptime and cost efficiency.
Seamed press felts to enhance safety and performance
Seamed Valmet Press Felts let customers benefit from safe and quick installation and easy seaming. Overall costs fall, as less labor is needed to install the felt and the stoppages are relatively short. Our seamed press felts offer excellent runnability, good water removal, and a strong, non-marking seam area. Valmet has a wide variety of seamed press felts to fit all customer requirements.
99% of all doctoring positions can be improved
Valmet offers a complete portfolio of high-quality doctor blades, holders and accessories with best cost-competitiveness and expert support close to customers to improve the performance of their production process.
Valmet Doctor Holder Compact doctor blade holder
LiteCompact doctor blade holder is specially designed for press rolls using wider blades. The construction of LiteCompact combines a 100% composite holder and a 100% composite top plate in an optimal way.
Valmet roll cover development: Testing beyond limits
Valmet’s roll cover technology focuses on the key production goals of papermakers: a disturbance-free process and high-quality end products. We offer roll covers for pulp, board, paper and tissue making – whatever the machine application or machine brand.
Valmet Services for Energy producers
We provide unique product, services, automation solutions and expertise which help energy producers recharge their business and move their performance forward.
Air Emission Control Services by Valmet
Valmet has a wide experience of power plants´ production processes. We have developed many practical service solutions which not only help you to meet environmental regulations, but also provide increased availability and profitability.