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Board and paper videos

Valmet – OptiCalender Metal Belt
OptiCalander Metal Belt introduces a completely new method of making board. The metal belt calender simplifies the entire board-making process and releases drying capacity by removing the speed limits caused by Yankee cylinders. This results in extremely high bulk and stiffness, together with very smooth surfaces.
Valmet – Aqua cooling calendering
Valmet's new, patented technology offers better calendering results than normal production conditions. Aqua cooling calendering enables the production of lighter-weight end products – without compromising on functional and visual properties. This will lead to substantial reductions in energy use and raw materials.
Valmet calendering pilot facilities
Valmet’s calendering pilot facilities offer the latest technologies and innovations in its field, such as aqua cooling calendering and metal belt calendering. The facilities allow you to run tests on a set up which mirrors that, which you have at your facilities, or alternatively the type of configuration you are looking to set up.
Valmet OptiConcept M - Completely new way to design, build and operate a paper machine
Valmet’s focus is on supplying smart papermaking lines with sustainable solutions. OptiConcept M is a modular concept that makes a difference. OptiConcept M family, launched in 2011, suits coantainerboard, cartonboard and fine paper production – simple, well-functioning solutions that meet customers’ needs.
Valmet - Mastering the technique of coated board
Valmet offers the smartest machines and services to help our customers make coated board in a competitive way. With Valmet’s solutions they get lighter board without compromising any functional or visual properties.
Greenpac PM1 flythrough
Valmet state of the art containerboard machine producing 100% recycled lightweight linerboard. This 328 inch machine has an Annual production capacity of 540,000 s.t.
Valmet OptiFlo headbox – Transforming Papermaking Since 2012
The OptiFlo headbox introduces a new level of performance with a modular construction developed to meet growing productivity and quality requirements of high quality paper and board machines.
CalJaguar composite calender roll covers
Valmet's composite calender roll covers CalJaguar and CalJaguar H improve calendering results.
Valmet's BeltSense measuring device
Valmet's patented BeltSense delamination detector provides early warning of shoe press belt failure and facilitates belt replacement before the onset of runnability or paper quality problems.
Valmet for safe and efficient maintenance
Valmet provides maintenance outsourcing services for pulp, paper and board mills around the world, taking full charge of a mill's maintenance function.
LiteCompact doctor blade holder
LiteCompact doctor blade holder is specially designed for press rolls using wider blades. The construction of LiteCompact combines a 100% composite holder and a 100% composite top plate in an optimal way.
Felt profile measuring beam
Valmet’s Felt Profile Measuring Beam is the first in the world to include a suspension mechanism that prevents errors in results. The fixed beam also eliminates the need to enter the running machine while measuring, which increases safety and saves both time and costs.
Customer interview: SAICA Paper’s Fernando Carroquino
Fernando Carroquino, Industrial Director of SAICA Paper, shares his thoughts about the challenges container board makers are facing from energy efficiency, light weighting and sustainability points of view.
Valmet – interviewing Khanna Paper’s CEO Varun Jain
Khanna Paper Mills decided to invest in new, high technology regarding the upcoming papermaking line rebuild in India. Khanna Paper’s CEO Varun Jain is interviewed by Valmet’s Mikko Osara, Vice President, Paper Mills.
Zhuhai success story with Valmet’s metal belt calender
In 2007, Zhuhai S.E.Z. Hongta, located in China, added a new ValZone metal belt calender into their folding boxboard BM 2 . Today the calender is renamed into OptiCalender Metal Belt. The investment resulted in better board surface quality and higher bulk, and thus begun the lightweighting trend in China as well.