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Building the operating concept for the mill of the future
User experience design in industrial environments has evolved rapidly in the past years. Nowadays, it’s about how people work, how they collaborate, and how information can be managed for optimal operations and efficiency. Valmet and Metsä Fibre have worked together on developing the user experience and operating concept for the Kemi bioproduct mill.
Building mill-wide automation for the mill of the future
With mill-wide automation, Metsä Fibre Kemi bioproduct mill aims to run the new mill in a balanced way, control the process and ensure its running flawlessly, and through that, ensure high quality, cost-effectiveness and environmental efficiency.
Increased energy and environmental efficiency at Tampere Water wastewater treatment plant
Valmet's solids measurement and sludge dewatering optimization technology will help the plant save on running costs, chemical usage and increase capacity.
A day at a future plant
This video visioning future control room is a result from FIMECC research program User Experience & Usability in complex Systems (UXUS). UXUS created new interaction concepts and innovative practices in developing the user and customer experience excellence.
Move your wastewater treatment forward with Valmet’s solids measurement technology
Valmet's automation and measurement solutions portfolio includes a long tradition of pioneering innovative measurement solutions in challenging process areas like wastewater.
Valmet Fiber Image Analyzer
The Valmet Fiber Image Analyzer, known as the Valmet FS5, enables pulp and paper mills to unlock the true value potential of their raw material for optimum end product quality.
Valmet’s boiler and automation at the largest bio power plant in US
The largest bio power plant in the US runs with Valmet's automation solutions. Gainesville Renewable Energy Center (GREC) produces 788,400 MWh of energy annually for local residents.
The world’s first oblique icebreaking vessel “BALTIKA” chooses Valmet DNA
Baltika is the first ship ever to break ice sideways and to make a 50-meter-wide channel in the ice. The innovation has been built at Arctech Helsinki Shipyard. The vessel represents the latest maritime technology and has Valmet’s latest automation technology onboard.
Valmet IQ Steam Profiler
Valmet IQ Steam Profiler is a steambox with applications for forming and press sections. Unique profiling accuracy combined with advanced steam injection technology increases production capacity, lowers production costs and delivers higher sheet quality.
Valmet IQ - The smartest way to reach your quality goals
The renewed Valmet IQ is a scalable, on-line quality management solution that consists of a quality control system (QCS), profilers, web monitoring (WMS) and web inspection systems (WIS) – all the technologies needed to optimize the process and the end product quality.
Valmet IQ Induction Profiler
Valmet IQ Induction Profiler provides precise high-resolution CD caliper or gloss control for improved runnability, higher efficiency and better end product quality.
Valmet IQ Scanner
Valmet IQ Measurements and Scanners provide accurate and stable sheet quality measurements in demanding machine conditions, improving quality and efficiency while reducing costs.
Valmet IQ Moisturizer
Valmet IQ Moisturizer is a moisturizing system with applications for profiling, curling and calendering.
Valmet IQ Quality Control Systems
Valmet IQ is a comprehensive quality monitoring and control system that covers the entire pulp and paper production line and beyond.
Valmet's automation in Vaskiluodon Voima's CHP power plant
The Finnish Vaskiluodon Voima’s CHP power plant, SEVO, replaced its original process automation systems with Valmet’s latest automation technology.
Valmet marine automation in Otava commuter and oil recovery vessel
The Finnish Otava vessel's navigation in icy conditions is facilitated by a modern automation solution provided by Valmet.
Valmet TS - Superior total solids measurement solution for wastewater
Valmet TS ( 0- 40% ) , Valmet total solids measurement is a microwave based measurement technology that offers great saving and performance increase potential in the sludge process area.
Valmet LS - Superior low solids measurement solution for wastewater
Valmet low solids measurement ( 0 - 5000 mg/l ), is specially developed for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment processes to measure low solids in difficult applications.
Valmet TS at wastewater primary sludge clarifier
Valmet TS ( 0- 40% ), Valmet total solids measurement has been well utlized for the municipal and industrial waster water plant applications.
Automation modernization at Helen Ltd, CHP power plant in Finland
Helen Ltd has invested in the future of the Salmisaari power plant in Helsinki. The new automation system Valmet DNA is part of the company’s projects to improve energy efficiency, increase usability and reduce emissions.