Valmet signs a multiple year service agreement with Rushil Décor in India

Nov 11, 2022

Valmet has signed a multiple year service agreement with Rushil Décor Ltd. in India to support the mill in handling processes and machinery.

In 2020, Rushil Décor Limited ordered an EVO 56 Defibrator system from Valmet. The system was commissioned successfully in 2021. The new service agreement, effective as of June 2022, enables the mill to improve availability and performance consistently. Remote support provided by Valmet Performance Center is also included in the agreement.


Machine availability and optimal performance are the key targets for us. We have been happy with Valmet’s equipment and professionals and choose to continue the collaboration to secure our targets in a systematic approach.”

-Mr. Rushil K Thakkar, Director, Rushil Décor Limited.

“This type of an agreement is in line with Valmet’s targets to provide fast service for our customers and to ensure optimum equipment performance and end-product quality within the life cycle,” says Mattias Johansson, Global Technology Manager, Fiberboard, Services Business Line, Valmet.

Information about the agreement

The agreement covers services for the surge bin, screw feeder, preheater, defibrator feeder and defibrator. Dedicated Valmet service engineers are the key contacts to provide continuity and to share knowledge of the machinery and the service to the customer.

Continuous and proficient reporting provides data to Rushil Décor’s maintenance system to secure process control and preventive maintenance.

The aim of the preventive inspections and maintenance together with the customer is to reduce unplanned shutdowns, to achieve continuous and enhanced performance, and to optimize product quality and quantity.

Information about Rushil Décor Limited

Founded in 1993, Rushil Décor Ltd. is one of India’s leading companies in the laminate and MDF panel boards industry. Today, with global links to 42 countries, the company is the partner of choice for their discerning customers. Rushil Décor Ltd.’s product portfolio includes Laminates, Medium Density Fiber Boards (MDF), High-Density Fiber Boards Water Resistant (HDFWR), Pre-laminated Decorative MDF Boards and PVC Boards.

For further information, please contact:

Varun Jain, Director, India Region, Asia Pacific, Valmet, tel. +91 96548 13696

Mattias Johansson, Global Technology Manager, Fiberboard, Service Business Line, Valmet, tel. +46706634049