Valmet partners with GORE-TEX Professional to deliver new PPE solution for smelt deck workers

Dec 7, 2021

Valmet has entered into an agreement with GORE-TEX Professional to be the exclusive and sole distributor of GORE® PYRAD® Vulcan Smelt Protective garments. 

Known for developing materials and solutions for complex industrial environments and technical consumer applications, GORE-TEX Professional has developed a durable, flame-resistant, laminate technology for personal protective equipment (PPE) used in black liquor and chemical recovery applications.

”Smelt can reach extremely high temperatures, so there is inherent safety risk when you are working in a mill’s recovery area,” explains Dave Gadai, Director of Energy & Environmental Services, Valmet.  ”As we strive to fulfill the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers, we continuously look to deploy safer ways to operate during service, maintenance or daily operations.  Health, safety and environment are core values within Valmet; we have developed safety-driven solutions in the past, and are proud to work with GORE-TEX Professional to offer a new solution for smelt deck workers.”

Valmet has a long history as a technology and service partner to pulp, paper and energy producers.  Operating out of its North American offices in Charlotte, NC, Valmet will oversee the order, supply and fufillment of all GORE® PYRAD® Vulcan Smelt Protective garment products sold globally in the pulp and paper industry.

For further information:

Contact Valmet’s Energy Spare Parts Team, Charlotte, NC. Tel: (704) 541-1453.