Valmet responds to customers’ changing needs by enhancing the production of industrial valves – new production unit for high-volume valves started operations in Vantaa, Finland

Jun 8, 2022

Valmet is optimizing its production operations and inaugurates a new production unit at its valve factory located in Vantaa, Finland. The project enables Valmet to improve the availability and delivery times of its valve solutions.

Project manager Janne Mäkelä, Director of the Hakkila Plant Timi Nieminen and Simo Sääskilahti at the new production unit.


The new unit started its operations in June 2022, and it will respond to the demand of the high-volume valve products. The unit has been designed according to the lean methodologies with special focus on occupational safety and ergonomics. The new unit and the layout modifications to the current factory will free up space for the production of special valves and bring more efficiency to demanding project deliveries.


Global business requires modern, efficient, and responsible production that adapts to customers’ needs and guarantees deliveries even in exceptional circumstances. In the past few years, availability in particular has become an increasingly critical factor for our customers. By developing our delivery processes alongside the production solutions, we can further improve the availability and delivery times of our products, while preparing for future needs,”

says Simo Sääskilahti, President, Flow Control business line, Valmet

Over 65 years of product development and production of valve solutions

Valmet flow control inaguration.png

Simo Sääskilahti, Head of Valmet’s Flow Control business line officially opens the new high-volume valve production unit at the Vantaa valve factory on June 6, 2022.



Vantaa is one of Valmet’s main flow control technology centers. Every year, a total of 130,000 valves, valve controls, and actuators are manufactured at the Vantaa factory for delivery to customers operating in different process industries around the world. The factory’s operations involve over 400 own employees, from which around 50 in the new unit. In addition to Finland, Neles has its own valve technology and production centers in North America, Germany, South Korea, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and India.







Valmet entered into the flow control business in April 2022, when the flow control company Neles was merged into Valmet. Neles is now a Flow Control business line in Valmet. For more information on Valmet’s flow control offering, please visit


More information:
Timi Nieminen, Plant Director, Flow Control business line, Valmet, tel. +358 40 553 6764