World's two largest single BCTMP lines started up in China

Published Apr 7, 2005 13.00.00 +2 GMT

Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Ltd. and Shandong Bohui Paper Co. Ltd., both in the Shandong province, China, have started up their new BCTMP (bleached chemi-thermomechanical pulp) lines. The new lines are based on Metso Paper's high-capacity CD-refiner concept, and include the world’s two largest single CD-refiner lines for BCTMP pulp production.

Metso Paper's deliveries to these lines included all main process technologies for chip washing, main-line refining and screening, reject thickening and refining, pulp washing, high-consistency bleaching, steam separation with heat recovery, and a DCS system. Additionally, the deliveries included complete wood-handling systems, featuring the GentleBarking system where the bark and impurities are removed before the Camura chipper. The chip-handling system consists of chip screening and chip silos equipped with rotary screw reclaimers.

Shandong Chenming's BCTMP line was successfully started up in the end of March, only 13 months after placing the order. The line has a design capacity of 735 tpd and it manufactures high-quality, high-bulk BCTMP pulp for board production. Chinese poplar is used as raw material for the line. Pulp from the new BCTMP line has already replaced purchased hardwood pulp.

Shandong Bohui's new BCTMP line has been in operation since mid-February. The line has a design capacity of 660 tpd of high-quality, high-bulk BCTMP pulp. Also Shandong Bohui uses Chinese poplar as raw material and manufactures board from the finished pulp.

Metso is a global technology corporation serving customers in the pulp and paper industry, rock and minerals processing, energy industry as well as in selected other industries. In 2004, the net sales of Metso Corporation were approx. EUR 4 billion, and it has some 23,000 employees in more than 50 countries. Metso's shares are listed in the Helsinki and New York Stock Exchanges.

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