Valmet to supply world's largest LWC papermaking line to Cartiere Burgo

Published Aug 09, 1999 00.00.00 +2 GMT

Valmet, the fiber and paper technology business area of Valmet-Rauma Corporation, has received a letter of intent from Cartiere Burgo S.P.A of Italy to supply their new light-weight coated (LWC) papermaking line, valued at appr. EUR 250 million. The contract with Cartiere Burgo is aimed to be signed by the end of September. The start-up of the OptiConcept machine is scheduled for end of year 2001.

With a paper machine design speed of 2,000 m/min and a wire width of 10,450 mm - permitting an annual output of appr. 400,000 tonnes - Verzuolo no. 9 will be one of the world’s largest LWC paper production lines. The delivery consists of a Pressurized Ground Wood mill, stock preparation plant, OptiConcept paper machine with OptiSizer film transfer press and OptiLoad calenders, mill engineering, machine air and heat recovery systems, Damatic XDi machine controls and a Sensodec condition and runnability monitoring system. A special feature of the new machine is the simultaneous (both sides of the paper web) on-line film coating with the OptiSizer. The basis weight range will be 40 to 70 g/m2.

According to Valmet's President Juhani Pakkala, “Valmet values the order highly, as an outstanding acknowledgement for our papermaking expertise and the new generation OptiConcept solution. This is also a proof of the strength created by the merger between Valmet and Rauma in fiber and paper technology. OptiConcept is a major leap forward for the entire papermaking process, offering decisive competitive advantages: unit production costs will decrease, machine speeds will increase, efficiency will rise and paper quality will improve, facilitating an even better print quality. OptiConcept also offers new opportunities to decrease the environmental impacts of paper production."

Cartiere Burgo S.P.A is a major producer of high-quality LWC, WFC (woodfree coated) and newsprint grades. With a total output of 2 million tonnes in 1998, the group ranks among the key European producers also by volume. The company’s production units are located in Italy and Belgium. Total investment for the Verzuolo PM 9 project is valued at appr. EUR 500 million, including the power plant, civil works and ancillary equipment.