Valmet Converting launches new Titan SMA 900 series Slitter Rewinder

Published Nov 29, 2000 00.00.00 +2 GMT

Valmet Converting has announced the availability of a new ‘Fully Automated’ Titan flexible packaging slitter rewinder, the SMA 900 Series. Designed to complement the smaller SMA 600 Series, the SMA 900 extends the family of Titan slitter rewinders to cover every aspect of automated slitting and rewinding in flexible packaging.

The SMA 900 Series is a completely new design and whilst making use of existing technology from the smaller machine and other Titan slitter rewinders, has benefited from additional development and offers the ultimate in automated production.

Working web widths range from 1200mm to 2200mm and particular attention has been paid in the design to access for the operator. Consequently, the slitting unit, with its horizontally stacked rewinding shafts, is very accessible and in full view of the control panel.

At the back of the unit, the blade section and hot melt adhesive application stations have also been designed for ease of access. Indeed, the machine as a whole has been designed in a modular format. Automatic knife positioning and automatic laser core positioning are also included in the specification.

Material thicknesses from 50 to 500 micron can be slit by the shear cut system with a minimum slit width of 50mm and a maximum of 600mm. Production speed is 600mpm and particular attention has been paid to noise levels, with the SMA 900 producing only 80 d(B)a at maximum production speeds.

All of the machine cycle is fully automated with the exception of the parent reel changeover – approximately three minutes if the same width, five minutes if different with a maximum diameter allowable of 1500mm.

In the production cycle, finished reels are removed and the rewind shafts fitted with new cores all automatically – in never more than 40 seconds (no matter what slit width). Once the new cores are in position, glue is sprayed on, the web positioned over the cores and slitting re-commences.

When the required rewind diameter, (400mm to a maximum of 900mm), has been reached an automatic tape dispenser seals the end of each roll, the layon roller clamps the tails down as they are cut and a wiper blade then glues down the cut tails.

The new web is held clamped under tension while the newly rewound rolls, still in position on the rewind shafts, are powered out of the machine automatically to where they are stripped off the shafts onto the transfer assembly, which is also automatic.

From here, two finished rolls are taken at the same time, weighed and sent to an automatic label printer which applies labels to the inside of the core and the outside of the roll, giving the possibility of full product history tracking from the parent reel.

The rolls are then transferred to the robot palletising system, the pallets stretch wrapped and automatically banded with protective layers and labelled, ready for transportation to a warehouse or customer.

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