UPM Miramichi starts up WinRoll winder at record speed

Published Aug 31, 2004 15.00.00 +2 GMT

In early August UPM Miramichi successfully started up the first Metso Paper WinRoll multistation winder in North America, at their mill in New Brunswick, Canada. On August 19, 2004, the mill set a new world winding speed record by winding three sets of rolls, with a basis weight of 74 g/m² (50 lb), at a speed of 3201 m/min (10,500 feet/min).

The WinRoll was commissioned quickly and the demanding guarantees were achieved eight days ahead of schedule.

According to Kari Isokääntä, Project Manager at UPM Miramichi, the goals for roll quality were met from the first sets. ”We were able to wind quality rolls almost immediately and have since had only positive feedback from our customers.”

The WinRoll winding process from Metso Paper is based on multi-purpose rider rolls and surface-traction (Winding Force), which is an efficient tool for controlling roll hardness from the core all the way to maximum diameter.

UPM Miramichi has an annual capacity of 420,000 tons of LWC paper. The mill is part of the UPM-Kymmene Corporation, one of the world's leading forest product companies.

More information: Pekka Bollström, Product Manager, Metso Paper, Inc., Roll Finishing Systems Tel. +358 40 756 3234, pekka.bollstrom@metso.com