UPM-Kymmene orders fourth Valmet WinRoll Winder

Published June 01, 1999 00.00.00 +2 GMT

UPM-Kymmene Jämsänkoski mill in Finland has placed an order for a fully automated Valmet WinRoll winder representing the latest technology in multistation winding. The Jämsäkoski PM 5 produces SC rotogravure papers 40-60 g/m² at an annual capacity of 250,000 tons.

The Jämsänkoski WinRoll winder with a trim width of 8500 mm will start up in February, 2000. The design speed of the extremely high capacity winder is 3000 m/min and it can handle the entire production of PM 5.

WinRoll is the first multistation winder ever to feature Continuous Winding. The Continuous Winding method with fully automated functions minimizes manual work and changes the operator’s role into that of a supervisor of the winding process. A printing house quality butt-joint splicer and full-width web threading are also features of the Jämsänkoski WinRoll.

WinRoll can produce jumbo rolls with a maximum diameter of 1.8 meters and excellent roll structure due to its unique, patented winding method. A paper roll wound by WinRoll can range from 400 mm to over 4 meters in width and weigh 10,000 kg. The capacity of a WinRoll winder exceeds that of a fully automated two-drum winder.

The first WinRoll started up at UPM-Kymmene Voikkaa mill in April 1997. The UPM-Kymmene Rauma PM 4 line that started up in January 1998 has two WinRoll winders. Rauma PM 4 produces LWC paper 400,000 tons/year and Voikkaa PM 11 produces 140,000 tons/year of slightly coated mechanical printing paper. Altogether, Valmet has received orders for 10 WinRoll winders.