UPM-Kymmene Jamsankoski starts up WinRoll winder at world record speed

Published Mar 29, 2000 00.00.00 +2 GMT

In February 2000, a Valmet WinRoll winder representing the latest technology in multistation winding started up successfully at the UPM-Kymmene Jämsänkoski mill. Only three days after takeover, the winder set a record of winding several sets of high-quality rolls at 3000 m/min (180 km/h).

The fully automated WinRoll with a trim width of 8500 mm is capable of winding the entire production from PM 5 that produces SC rotogravure papers 45-56 g/m² at an annual capacity of 250,000 tons. So far, the normal operational speed of the Jämsänkoski WinRoll has been 2300-2500 m/min.

Takeover ahead of schedule

Installation and start-up took only one month from paper to paper. The disassembly of the old Twin Winder and installation of the WinRoll went smoothly and takeover took place ahead of schedule.

The WinRoll winding process is based on multi-purpose rider rolls and surface-traction (Winding Force), which is an efficient tool for controlling roll hardness from the core all the way to maximum diameter. Markku Taavitsainen, SC Production Unit Director of Jämsänkoski, says that the goals for roll structure and hardness have been fully met from the first sets.

Printing houses very satisfied with runnability and roll structure

The biggest rolls at Jämsänkoski so far have been 3.5 meters wide, 1350 mm in diameter and 6500 kg in weight. According to Mr. Taavitsainen, first feedback from several European printing houses has been very positive indicating high satisfaction with the roll structure and runnability of the rolls wound by WinRoll.