Ultimet Films continues expansion with purchase of third Valmet General Metallizer

Published Aug 09, 2000 00.00.00 +2 GMT

Ultimet Films located near Norwich in England, has recently ordered a third vacuum metallizer from Valmet General Ltd., Heywood, Lancs. (formerly General Vacuum Equipment). This complements two smaller General metallizers purchased in 1998 and 1995.

The new General metallizer ordered is a 2450mm wide machine. “This will increase our production capacity by 40%”, says Myke Stott. “It will allow us to address new markets and provide important backup for our existing customers. With this latest addition, we will emerge as probably the largest independent metallizer in Europe”.

The growth of the company, which only began trading in July 1995, has been impressive. Formed only five years ago, the company has grown dramatically and reflects the explosive growth in the flexible packaging market for metallized film.

Ultimet’s aim is to provide a more personal contract metallizing service to industry from what was a small, specialist company which demonstrated flexibility and yet maintained high levels of service and quality at a competitive price. This is still the case today.

The first Valmet General metallizer was in full production in December 1995. At 1670mm wide, it was a substantial investment for a company that had begun trading only five months previously. Business progressed smoothly and the metallizer performed extremely well.

“There are few substrates we have not metallized in width, thickness or type”, states Myke Stott, M.D. of Ultimet. “The versatility and dependability of the first 2 General metallizers greatly assisted us in reaching the position that Ultimet Films now finds itself, today”.

The second General metallizer was purchased in 1998. At 2000mm wide, it was another leap forward and significantly increased the company’s turnover. Meanwhile, between the two metallizer purchases, an Atlas CW2 slitter rewinder was also added to Ultimet’s production facilities. This allowed them to edge trim and slit metallized film ‘in-house’ in varying widths, to a much broader customer base.

Bill Duckham, Business Unit Manager for Valmet General said, ‘We are delighted to further strengthen and develop our working partnership with Ultimet Films and to remain part of their continuing success’.

Valmet General is part of Valmet Converting, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and provider of solutions to the global converting industry.

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