The rebuilt Thai Paper PM 4 and PM 5 fine paper machines started up

Published Dec 1, 2004 13.00.00 +2 GMT

Thai Paper Co., Ltd., specializing in coated and uncoated fine paper, has started up its recently rebuilt PM 4 and PM 5 paper machines. The comprehensive rebuilds, supplied by Metso Paper, included extensive equipment upgrades starting from stock preparation and forming section all through to the calendering stage. The target for both rebuilds was achieved within two months from the start-up. Both production lines have increased their production speeds to 1050 m/min and 1180 m/min respectively.

The 1994 installed Thai Paper PM 4, producing 60-120 gsm uncoated woodfree paper, had its capacity raised from 260 t/day to 300 t/day. The PM5, built in 1997, reached its production target of 300 t/day 30 days after the rebuild. PM5 produces base paper of 55-120 gsm for coated fine paper grades. Both paper machines were originally delivered by Metso Paper and have wire widths of 3,900 mm. After the rebuilds, they boast annual capacities of 96,000 t/a for PM 4 and 113,000 t/a for PM 5.

Capacity increases were made possible by e.g. coated broke handling upgrades in stock preparation, improving runnability by replacing 4th press with an additional group of drying cylinders, and converting grooved rolls to vacuum rolls as well as modifying the single nip hard calenders to soft ones. In addition, automation, tail threading and air systems upgrades were made on both machines.

According to Mr. Wiwat, Production 2 Department Manager: "Start-ups of the rebuilds were quick and easy thanks to the detailed preparation before the shutdowns and good co-operation between all parties on site. Quick return on investment and long co-operation between Thai Paper and Metso Paper were factors why we chose to work on these rebuilds with Metso."

Thai Paper Co., Ltd. is part of the Siam Pulp and Paper Plc., a holding company owned by the Siam Cement Group. Siam Pulp and Paper Plc. has a combined production capacity of more than one million tons, serving both domestic and export markets.

More information: Rauno Salmi, Project Manager, Metso Paper, Inc. Tel. +66 1 825 1585,