The 100th StreamLine wrapping machine from Metso Paper

Published Sept 19, 2006 14.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper is today celebrating the completion of its hundredth StreamLine wrapping machine, which is going to Norske Skog, Skogn mill, in Norway. The history of StreamLine machines dates back to 1982 when the first StreamLine was delivered to Tampella Anjala mill in Finland, today Stora Enso Anjala mill. To date, well over one hundred StreamLine wrapping machines have been sold around the world.

The jubilee wrapping machine is a Pro-type StreamLine kraft wrapper with a capacity of 170 rolls per hour, representing the highest wrapping performance available and providing an excellent solution for centralized wrapping. At the Skogn mill the StreamLine wrapping machine will wrap all rolls from the mill's three paper machines, which produce a total of 600,000 tons of newsprint per year. The machine will be taken into use in December this year.

The 100th wrapping machine is fully automated and realized with Metso's non-hydraulic principle, which means that all functions, such as tilting and pressing, that have traditionally been done with hydraulic cylinders are now performed with electric gearmotors.

The jubilee wrapping machine also features Metso's latest Onesider technology. The unique Onesider solution actually divides the wrapping process into two sides – the operational side, which is open for visual roll flow control, and the material side, which offers easier wrapping material replenishment as all material flow to the wrapping process is from one side. A compact, one-sided machine needs considerably less floor space than a conventional multistation wrapping machine.

Norske Skog Skogn, located close to Trondheim, is the largest producer of newsprint in Norway and one of the largest newsprint mills in Europe. The mill was founded in 1962 and the first newsprint machine started production in 1966. The mill operates three paper machines, which produce newsprint grades made of 100 % virgin fiber.

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