Successful Start-Up of BM 1 at Dongguan Jianhui

Published Sept 23, 2004 14.00.00 +2 GMT

The first line delivery from Metso Paper and its joint venture company Valmet-Xian to Dongguan Jianhui Paper Co, Ltd was successfully started up in late May of 2004. BM1 produces high-quality coated White Lined Chipboard (WLC) at an annual rate of over 300,000 tons per year. The machine produced saleable paper only a few days after the start-up. Commissioning and start-up was short and easy thanks to the one supplier seamless co-operation between all parties, Dongguan Jianhui, Metso Paper and Valmet-Xian.

The four-layer, on-machine coated board machine has a wire width of 4.95 m and a design speed of 700 m/min. Metso Paper's delivery to Jianhui included all the key components while the base machine was delivered by Valmet-Xian. Metso Paper's scope includes 4 SymFlo headboxes, one of which is dilution controlled for improved profiles, and a SymFormer MB unit, which is installed in the filler ply to improve dewatering capacity and formation. In the press section a SymBelt shoe press was installed to improve dryness and bulk. Surface sizing is done with a ValSizer. The on-line coating section includes an OptiHard calender, four ValCoat applicator roll stations, and an OptiSoft calender.

Metso Automation has delivered IQDilution Lite actuators for SymFlo D headbox, IQWeightCD control system for profiling and the PaperIQ quality management system.

Dongguan Jianhui Paper Co. Ltd. is a joint venture of Hongkong Jianhui International Co. Ltd., Dongguan Jianhua Paper Co. Ltd., and Sun Paper Co. Ltd. It was established in December 2002, specializing in high quality packaging boards. The mill is located in Dongguan City in south China close to Guangzhou. The BM1 line is the company's first investment in coated grade production. Metso Paper and Valmet-Xian have also been chosen to supply a second board making line to Dongguan Jianhui Paper. The new BM2 will be a sister machine to BM 1 and is designed for the same board grades. BM2 is scheduled to start up in August 2005.

More information: Matti Lares, Senior Technology Manager, Board Business Line<br> Tel. + 358 204 82 7164,