Successful Optimization of the PM 7 at Haindl Papier in Schongau

Published Oct 30, 2000 00.00.00 +2 GMT

Valmet Service in Pfungstadt, Germany, has successfully improved the runnability of the PM7 at the Haindl Papier paper mill in Schongau. The rebuild consists of the installation of high-vacuum suction box with new trim squirts for the bottom fabric, replacement of the double doctor holder at the center roll as well as the replacement of the 10-year-old steam box in the press suction. As a result of the positive experiences with the rebuild of the PM3 for Steyrermühl AG, Austria, and the large paper mill project in Augsburg, Germany, Valmet Service GmbH in Pfungstadt won the paper machine rebuild in Schongau for the first time.

During the two-day-shutdown, the extensive repair work and smaller rebuild actions were taken and the parts delivered by Valmet were installed in the paper machine as well. The whole project was completed within the given schedule according to the plan and this contributed to restarting the production at the paper machine without any problems.

What was achieved?

After the optimization procedures all the warranty values, with the exception of one item concerning the bottom fabric run, were reached and in some cases even clearly exceeded. As the dry content after the center roll was increased up to the warranty value of 45 % and the CD moisture profile in the press section was simultaneously improved, the total number of breaks at the paper machine could be reduced remarkably. This positive achievement also influences the total efficiency, that has been stable since the beginning of the year, exceeding 89%. Only few newsprint machines are able to reach this kind of rates with a speed range exceeding 1500 m/min. With this rebuild also the conditions for increasing the speed of PM7 in Schongau over 1600 m/min were specified.

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