Schoellershammer board machine exceeds 1000 m/min after a successful rebuild

Published Dec 22, 2005 11.00.00 +2 GMT

Papierfabrik Schoellershammer has reached a machine speed of 1002 m/min at their PM 5 board machine after a major rebuild supplied by Metso Paper. This achievement is excellent for the type of machine concept and the produced board grade. In addition, the rebuild enabled a remarkable reduction of the total tail threading time, which improved the machine efficiency.

"We have now reached the target that was set for the rebuild. This was made possible because of strong commitment between Metso and us", says Armin Vetter, Executive Board, Papierfabrik Schoellershammer and he continues: "We feel that the concept offered by Metso was the best one and we are very satisfied with the rebuild project." The start-up curve has been steep, owing to the close co-operation between Schoellershammer and Metso Paper, which continues also after the start-up. Based on that, there are plans to enhance the machine speed up to 1200 m/min in the future.

The rebuilt PM 5, which produces testliner and fluting, started up successfully in September 2005 after a 16-day shutdown. The rebuild included five main areas - press section, dryer section, size press, reel and tail threading equipment for the entire machine - which were limiting the production capacity and efficiency of the existing machine. The main target of the rebuild was to raise the machine speed from 870 to over 1,000 m/min and increase the annual production capacity from 185,000 to 220,000 tons per year.

Papierfabrik Schoellershammer, located in Düren, Germany, produces testliner and fluting board grades from 100 % recycled paper 220,000 tons a year (target for 2006) and high quality specialty papers 8,000 tons a year. The company has a good market position in their main market area in Europe. The family-owned company employs a total of 250 people.

For further information, please contact: Raimo Soudunsaari, Project Manager, Metso Paper Tel. +358 20 482 8399