SCA Munksund starts up unique Metso Paper press section

Published Apr 28, 2003 11.07.00 +2 GMT

SCA Munksund in Sweden has successfully started up its PM 1 on 6 April after a major press section rebuild. The press section delivered by Metso Paper Karlstad was installed during a 27-day shutdown.

The unique press arrangement has been specifically invented to meet SCA Munksund’s requirements, to improve runnability and printability of its liner. The new patented press concept, named the SymPress BBi, is the first such installation in the world.

The wide range of basis weights on PM 1, from 105 gsm up to 440 gsm of white top liner, mottled liner, print kraft and brown liner, made the project particularly challenging.

The new SymPress BBi configuration is preceded by a double felted roll press. This is the first press nip with the solid press roll in the top position and a suction roll in the bottom position to keep the sheet on the bottom felt. The second nip is a double felted nip with a press shoe in the top position, allowing very high loading. The sheet is then transferred from the felt to the transfer belt via the transfer nip which is only lightly loaded. The final nip, running up to 1,500 kN/m, is formed by the center roll against the second shoe press, with a felt pressing against the transfer belt with the sheet in between.

The "i" in the trade name stands for "inverted" which means that the entire SymPress BB has been turned upside down.

Metso Paper’s pilot board machine at the Karlstad Board Technology Center played a very important role in the development of the new press arrangement.

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More information: Per Eiritz, President, Metso Paper Karlstad AB Tel. +46 54 17 10 00, mobile +46 70 517 14 94 Ingemar Emanuelsson, Senior Sales Manager, Metso Paper Karlstad AB Tel. +46 54 17 14 32, mobile + 46 70 517 14 32