SCA Munksund orders a compact StreamLine wrapping machine

Published Mar 8, 2005 15.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper will supply the first Onesider, a new space saving StreamLine roll wrapping solution, to SCA Packaging Munksund in northern Sweden. The mill will start kraft wrapping the white top liner rolls to ensure that the product arrives in excellent shape at the converting facilities. Start-up of the wrapping machine is scheduled for December 2005.

The Onesider solution takes compactness to new heights and radically changes the finishing room layout by relocating the wrapping machine next to the winder. The Onesider requires 30% less space than traditional wrapping machines, making it easy to fit into existing facilities.

The Onesider's most distinctive difference, when compared to other wrapping machines, lies in its unique “one-sided” design. All wrapping equipment and consumables are placed on one side of the wrap line enabling the machine to be located very close to the winder deck. The “one-sided” design makes replenishment of wrapping consumables easier than ever. It also gives the operator an excellent view of the roll flow.

With its annual liner and fluting production capacity of 2,5 million tons, SCA Packaging is Europe's second largest producer of containerboard. SCA Packaging Munksund is located in Piteå, Sweden and produces 340,000 t/y of liner.

More information: Esko Nieminen, Technical Sales Manager Metso Paper, Inc. Roll Finishing Systems Tel. +358 40 540 4371