Peters orders new generation Metso solution for continuous winding and roll handling

Published June 18, 2001 20.51.00 +2 GMT

Fritz Peters & Co. KG has placed an order for a fully automated new generation WinDrum winder and a roll handling system from Metso Paper. The Peters mill is located in Gelsenkirchen near Düsseldorf in Germany. Their PM 1 line produces white and brown testliner and gypsum board from 100 % recycled fiber at an annual capacity of 180,000 tons. The new winder and roll handling system will start up in December 2001.

The WinDrum winder with a trim width of 5000 mm will be fully automated using the Continuous Winding method, which means that the winder performs automatically as long as there are new parent reels available. The new generation design offers benefits through added installation space and greater accessibility for integrated automation components. The Peters delivery will also include noise protection elements that have been manufactured from special noise absorbing and glass elements - thus maintaining visibility of the winding process and winder deck area.

In addition to Continuous Winding, the new Continuous Handling concept will be applied on the Peters PM 1 line. Continuous Handling automates the roll handling system. A fully automated winder discharge area frees up the operator to focus on the most important task – to visually monitor and control the quality of the rolls. Continuous Handling functions include instant settling of each roll onto the discharge conveyor, set break at the discharge, roll weighing and roll end marking. The Peters layout employs short-pitch-slat and belt conveyors from the winder to the warehouse and automatic bar code stenciling and labeling onto the roll bilge. Rolls are moved to the warehouse level by means of a lowering upender that lowers rolls onto the warehouse conveyor lane.

With this Continuous Winding and Handling investment, Fritz Peters & Co. KG is preparing for an upcoming upgrade and capacity increase of their PM 1.