Papierfabrik Palm PM 6 – Tuned up for top quality

Published Jan 16, 2005 12.00.00 +2 GMT

Papierfabrik Palm PM 6 in Wörth, Germany - the world's largest recycled containerboard machine - has been tuned up for top quality. PM 6, supplied in 2002 by Metso Paper, is producing testliner of 90 to 140 g/m², corrugating medium of 90 to 130 g/m² and Schrenz of 80 to 120 g/m².

The quality of all grades produced on PM 6 has been exceptional since start-up. However, after tuning-up the wet end, the whole line has been stabilized to achieve a further improvement in paper quality and a 90 % machine efficiency. "Our moisture and CD grammage profiles are extremely good,” says Dr. Wolfgang Palm, CEO of Papierfabrik Palm. These profiles guarantee that the paper from Wörth will run very smoothly through the corrugators.

The excellent optical features of Wörth’s product have been very well received on the market. Dr. Palm says: ”Optically, our testliner looks very good, as there are no disturbing dirt spots. We reach the excellent appearance even without dispersion. If we use dispersion, the paper outlook is fantastic.” Dr. Palm continued, ”The cleaning capabilities of Metso’s stock preparation process are excellent, in fact, we could easily continue to run the line without dispersion.”

Market demand is clearly increasing in this low substance area so the mill’s emphasis is on the lower basis weights. More than 50 % of the corrugating medium produced by Papierfabrik Palm is 90 g/m². ”The low basis weight testliner and corrugating medium have been well accepted in different countries: fastest in the UK followed by France and Italy. Germany will also accept the low basis weight products, but at a somewhat slower speed,” Dr. Palm explains.

Since the stabilization of production conditions, monthly tonnages have gone up. In the near future, the mill plans a further speed increase to 1,200 m/min, which will deliver 500,000 tons of production annually.

Papierfabrik Palm is one of Europe's most skilled users of recycled fiber with experience dating back to 1872 when they were first established. The capacity of the company is 820,000 tons of paper for corrugated board and 540,000 tons of graphic paper per year. Papierfabrik Palm employs 700 people in three mills. This production capacity provides the company an annual turnover of 500 million Euros.

More information: Björn J. Johansson, Manager, Marketing Services; Metso Paper, Inc. Tel. +358 20 482 6013,