Ningbo's giant cartonboard machine starts up in China

Published Nov 25, 2004 10.00.00 +2 GMT

Ningbo Xiaogang PM 1 board making line has successfully been started up in Xiaogang, Ningbo, Zhejiang province, P.R. of China. The greenfield board making line delivered by Metso Paper comprises a complete, eight-line stock preparation system with analyzers and valves, both for virgin and recycled fiber; a complete board machine with machine controls, including on-machine coating; air systems and mill engineering.

The new line is the largest cartonboard production line in the world with the capacity of 700 000 tpy of white lined chipboard (WLC). The five-ply board line has a trim width of 8,1 m and a design speed of 900 m/min. The line produces Duplex and Triplex grades with a basis weight range of 250 to 450 g/m².

"The start-up target for this giant board machine was very demanding. However, the Metso team together with the Ningbo board machine team responded very well to achieve the challenging goal. The quality of the coated board was saleable from the first roll. This is indeed very promising", says Mr. Anil Kaul, Director of Ningbo.

More information: Mr. Timo Hildén, Project Manager, Metso Paper, Inc. Tel. +358 20 482 5978, mobile +358 40 5800 764