New pulping line at VCP Jacarei started up ahead of schedule

Published Jan 29, 2003 12.31.00 +2 GMT

Votorantim Celulose e Papel (VCP), an integrated pulp and paper manufacturer in Brazil, has successfully started up the new fiber line at their Jacarei mill, one month ahead of the scheduled time.

The new pulping system was a part of the company's 550 million US dollar investment program, which included a 400,000 tonnes/yr pulp expansion project at the Jacarei mill. The mill is now capable of producing a total of 3000 tonnes of fully bleached ECF eucalyptus pulp for printing, writing and coated papers, with 2100 tonnes coming from the new pulping line supplied by Metso

The pulping system technology supplied by Metso Paper encompasses complete fiber and pulp drying lines. The Metso Paper contract comprised an extended scope with all main process parts and services, apart from civil engineering and works. The technology chosen is in accordance with VCP's programs for environment protection, as well as "Customer Focus Excellence".

For the fiberline, Metso Paper's PulpWay technology includes brown stock washing and bleaching systems based on TwinRoll press washing, which ensures low effluent volumes. Another significant part of the production line environmentally is the ZeTrac ozone bleaching process, which minimizes the need for traditional bleaching chemicals such as chlorine dioxide.

For pulp drying, Metso Paper's DryWay technology includes the equipment for bleached pulp screening, a wet end equipped with a SymBelt shoepress, a Metso Paper airborne dryer, a new high-speed cutter and a complete baling system. The trim width of the drying machine is 7.0 meters, with a speed of 220 m/min. The rescreening process features the energy-saving pressure screen concept, instead of a conventional low-consistency screening system.

The capacity for the complete system is 2100 tonnes.

The new pulp line was scheduled to start up at the end of 2002. The start-up was however completed well ahead of the scheduled date. The pulp drying line started up in August and the first pulp run through the bleaching system took place on October 28th.