Metso's fifth OptiDwell shoe nip calender sold to Chile

Published Aug 19, 2004 14.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso's fifth OptiDwell shoe nip calender will start-up in Cartulinas CMPC Maule in Chile in mid 2005. It will be part of the extensive rebuild ordered by CMPC for its folding boxboard machine BM 19, originally started up in 1998. Cartulinas CMPC S.A. is an affiliate of Empresas CMPC S.A. and has manufactured and marketed world-class folding boxboard since 1951.

In CMPC Maule, the OptiDwell shoe nip calender will be applied in precalendering position to replace the current pretreatment with Yankee cylinder. Replacement of this bottleneck will allow a significant increase in the capacity of the board line – in Maule's case from 600 tons/day to 900 tons/day. Due to sufficient dwell time and high calendering temperature, the OptiDwell precalendering process of coated board enables the development of excellent surface properties, equal to those achieved with the existing Yankee cylinder.

Another application area of OptiDwell shoe nip calender is the final calendering of paper and board. The long nip dwell time and low nip pressure are key factors contributing to OptiDwell's bulk preserving capability and potential for raw material savings. Uniform smoothness and excellent print quality are further benefits from an extremely soft nip.

Metso has for a long time been at the forefront of developing long nip calendering. Shoe nip calenders have been delivered to two board machines in Korsnäs mill, Sweden. Two other OptiDwell shoe nip calenders are also currently running, one for uncoated board and one for specialty paper.

More information: Tarja Hämäläinen, Manager, Board Technology, tel. + 358 40 5964 800