Metso's fiber line for greenfield bamboo pulp mill in China

Published May 31, 2005 10.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper will supply a fiber line to Guizhou Chitianhua Paper Industrial Co., Ltd., Guizhou province, P.R. of China, for their greenfield pulp mill. The new mill, with a designed daily capacity of 750 tons, will manufacture fully bleached pulp based on bamboo raw material. Start-up of the mill is planned for March 2007. The value of the order is approximately 13 MEUR.

Process technology

Metso Paper's delivery will comprise main process machinery for knotting, screening, washing, oxygen delignification and bleaching. Pulp from cooking will be de-knotted and screened using DeltaScreen technology. In the primary stage a DeltaCombi screen is used, featuring both knotting and fine screening in the same single unit. TwinRoll wash presses will be installed in each stage of pulp washing throughout the entire fiber line. This facilitates low COD carry over to pulp bleaching. In addition, high outlet consistency of the TwinRoll wash press forms an excellent barrier between various bleaching stages.

Before final bleaching the pulp is further delignified in a two-stage OxyTrac oxygen delignification process, patented by Metso Paper. The bleaching process represents a modern ECF-light process, using a bleaching sequence Q-OP-D-PO.

Besides main process machinery Metso Paper's scope of deliveries also includes engineering and site services.

Guizhou Chitianhua Paper Industrial Co., Ltd. belongs to Chitianhua Group, a well-known Chinese fertilizer supplier. The mill is located in Guizhou province, which has plenty of bamboo available for pulp making.