Metso to supply installation and commissioning services to Amcor in Australia

Published Feb 18, 2011 12.00.00 +2 GMT

Metso will supply installation and commissioning services to Amcor Packaging (Australia) Pty Ltd as part of its new machine project for a containerboard line, B9, at its Botany Mill in Sydney, Australia. The value of the order will not be disclosed.

The main order for the containerboard line was received from Amcor and published in 2008 and an add-on order for this line was received from Amcor and published in 2010.

The new order announced today will comprise the installation of the containerboard machine equipment for the B9 line and supervision services related to commissioning, testing and start-up as well as training services. The installation and services package will complement Metso’s extended scope of supply to Amcor and strengthen the project implementation.

The Botany B9 Paper Mill will generate high-quality recycled paper from waste collected throughout the Sydney area. It will produce paper-based products across a wider range of weights and create packaging that is lighter, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Amcor Packaging (Australia) Pty Ltd is part of Amcor Limited. Amcor Limited is a global packaging manufacturer offering a broad range of plastic, fibre, metal and glass packaging products, along with packaging-related services. It has annual sales of about EUR 9 billion and 35,000 employees worldwide, through more than 300 manufacturing sites it operates in 43 countries.

Metso is a global supplier of sustainable technology and services for mining, construction, power generation, automation, recycling and the pulp and paper industries. We have about 28,500 employees in more than 50 countries.

For more information, please contact:

Hannu T. Pietilä, Vice President, Sales, Paper business line, Metso Tel. +358 40 503 4085, hannu.t.pietila(at)