Metso-supplied papermaking line started up in China

Published Jan 9, 2009 16.00.00 +2 GMT

The Metso-supplied lightweight-coated papermaking line delivered to Henan Puyang Longfeng Paper Co., Ltd. in Puyang City, China's Henan province, came on stream successfully on December 30, 2008. This new line produces close to 1,000 tonnes of printing and writing paper grades daily.

The smooth start-up of the 7.9-m-wide paper machine took place as planned. “Working together with Metso was very easy, and we all gained from this co-operation. Together with the skilled Metso site group we achieved an on-schedule installation and ensured the quality of the processes and start-up,” concluded Mr. Wang Gen, Vice General Manager of the Henan mill.

Metso’s delivery comprised a complete all-on-machine OptiConcept paper machine from headbox to reel with coating and multinip calendering. Related stock preparation and air systems as well as wet end chemicals and coating color preparation systems were included. The extensive automation package contained process, machine and quality controls as well as runnability and condition monitoring systems.

Puyang Longfeng Paper Co., Ltd. is owned by Henan Provincial Investment Group, Puyang Municipal Investment Corporation and three other shareholders. The Puyang integrated plantation forest and paper mill is a benchmark project in the Henan province.

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