Metso Paper's site covers the paper manufacturing process

Published Oct 22, 2001 15.28.00 +2 GMT

The Metso Paper website at has a new look.

Now, the sites of Metso Corporation, Metso Paper, Metso Automation, Metso Engineering, Metso Drives and Metso Hydraulics have a uniform appearance and convey a uniform corporate image. The sites' uniform user interface will make it easier for customers and other visitors to move from the site of one business area to another.

Metso Paper's new site gives an overall view of Metso Paper's product range, which ranges from stock preparation systems to converting equipment and maintenance services. The products are introduced in the order they are used during the paper making process, making it easy for visitors to find information on the products or services they need.

Metso Paper's site also contains a link to the Product Vault pages containing information on the aftermarket products and support services available for the fiber and paper industry.

Site development will now turn to issues of content and new functions and pages will be added continuously.