Metso PaperChem supplies chemical handling systems for Kruger Wayagamack's new LWC paper machine

Published Jun 04, 2002 14.01.00 +2 GMT

Metso PaperChem, a subsidiary of Metso Paper, Inc., will supply Kruger Wayagamack, Inc. of Quebec, Canada, with the chemical handling systems for the new PM 4. The 200,000 tpy production line will start up at the Trois-Rivières mill in late 2003.

The delivery includes a coating color kitchen, service systems for the OptiSizer as well as wet end chemical handling systems. Metso PaperChem key equipment, such as the OptiMixer, OptiScreens, OptiAir deaerators and ColorMat on-line measurement system, are included.

The Metso PaperChem delivery is part of the large Metso Paper On-line OptiConcept LWC papermaking line ordered in January this year.

The Wayagamack mill in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, is located on the St. Lawrence River, some 150 km northeast of Montreal. Kruger Wayagamack Inc. is part of the newsprint, coated paper and specialty grade division of Kruger Inc. and is one of the few privately-owned companies in the Canadian pulp and paper industry. The company's annual paper production currently exceeds 1.6 million metric tonnes. Kruger Inc. and the Kruger Family interests employ some 10,500 people.

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