Metso Paper to supply sack kraft refining line to Segezha in Russia

Published Feb 21, 2002 12.09.00 +2 GMT

Metso Paper supplies a new sack kraft refining line to JSC Segezha pulp and paper mill, the leading sack paper manufacturer in Russia. The new refining line will be installed on Segezha’s PM 10 with start-up in June 2002. Metso Paper’s delivery includes a DWA 945S twin press, a RGP 262 refiner, automation and electrification. Also, the erection and start-up supervision and operator training are included in the Metso Paper delivery scope.

Segezha produces sack paper on two machines: PM 9 and PM 10. The end products go both to export and to the domestic market. The new refining line will be installed on the PM 10 and it primarily aims to improve the quality features of the sack paper for export. This project had been under preparation for a longer while and can be now realized as the ownership structure of the mill has been settled and the new management reassumed the upgrading plans. Metso Paper was selected as the supplier for this project after Segezha’s people visited several mills using Metso Paper’s equipment.

The delivery contract was signed in Pertrosavodsk with the president of the republic of Karelia, Mr. Sergei Katanandov, being present in the ceremony. The president congratulated the parties and wished for the best of success for the project.

More information: Jussi Valkama Vice President Mechanical Pulping Lines tel. +358 20 482 9345

Jari Koikkalainen Vice President & General Manager Stock Preparation tel. +358 20 482 9213